Judging Process


Each of the APEA Live Awards categories (excluding the Lifetime Achievement Award) is judged by a panel of independent judges. For categories which demand specialist knowledge; particularly the Health & Safety, Environmental Protection and Sustainability awards, the judges involved are experts in those fields.

APEA Council have no involvement whatsoever in the judging process.


Judging is a simple process, with all judges on the panel scoring every entry submitted via the online judging system over a two week period in early October.


Judges score each entry based on the scoring criteria laid out in the entry forms.


They can only score based on the information provided with the entry - which is why writing your entry to be concise and to match the questions asked within the entry form is key to a successful nomination.


Judges who have a conflict of interest for any particular entry are asked to simply abstain from judging that particular nomination.


Once all scores are collated, the entries are ranked based on the average judges score and the judges meet together to discuss the rankings, choose their shortlisted entries (those which standout as the best of the bunch) and finally decide on a winning entry.


If there are two entries which fight it out for the top spot, the judges may also choose to mark the second place entry as 'highly commended'.


This judging process keeps the APEA awards impartial and fair, with no interference possible by any member of the APEA committee or central council. This means you can be sure that your award entry will be judged solely on its merits, by industry experts.


The Lifetime Achievement award is the only exception to independent process. This recipient of this award is chosen solely by members of the APEA Events Committee.