How to enter:



24 OCTOBER 2021


18 NOVEMBER 2021

You must get your entry completed before this deadline. This is so that the judging process can take place in good time before the awards event.

All those who have entered the awards will get feedback from the organising team as to how successful they have been… Those who have been shortlisted will be notified so they can make sure they are going to be at the event ready to potentially collect their award!

600+ of the industry's VIPs gather for an evening of entertainment, food, drink and networking. The only way to make this night even more special is to be shortlisted. Imagine the buzz and the anticipation, as the Winner's envelope is opened... and your name is read out.

The Categories.

APEA Health & Safety Performance Award
Sponsored by Suresite Group

APEA Milestone Award

APEA Environmental Protection & Improvement Award
Sponsored by Titan Cloud Software

APEA Rising Star Award

APEA Best New Retail Forecourt Award

APEA Best New Non-Retail Fuel Installation Award

APEA Innovation Award

APEA Lifetime Achievement Award
Sponsored by ELAFLEX

How to Enter.

Nominate your company for an award and give your business the chance of recognition amongst peers. Prove you are the best of the best.

Entering a nomination for the APEA Awards is simple:

1. Categories
Decide which categories you are going to enter (see left for categories) - you can enter as many as you like.

2. Entry
Enter your details - you can do it in one go or do it in sections, saving as you go, coming back to it when you can.

3. Wait
Await the shortlist announcement. And while you wait, book your seat(s) for the Awards Dinner.


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Who can enter:

The APEA Awards is open to anybody and everybody - you do not need to be an APEA member to enter.

But, hang on a minute, why are not you a member? It's great value for money, you should look into joining the APEA today.

As a UK-based organisation, most of our entries do come from businesses, organisations and individuals based in the UK and Ireland, but we do and will accept entries from all over the world.

The APEA reserves the right to exclude any awards entry from a business which has gone into administration, or which is affiliated with another business, which has gone into administration in the 3 years leading up the APEA Live awards dinner in question.

How to submit an entry:

Entering the APEA awards is a simple process.

Simply visit the online entry system at, register yourself as a user (or login if you have previously registered) and then choose the category you wish to enter.

When registering as a user the system will ask you for the below basic personal information - this is so the awards organisers can contact you to discuss your entry in the future (so we can tell you that your entry has been shortlisted for instance!) so it is important that this information is recorded and is accurate.

One registered you choose the award category you wish to enter from a drop down menu and then fill in the appropriate entry question forms.

The questions are simple and straightforward and each has a guidance note below which helps you understand how the judges will be scoring.

Pay attention to the question and guidance note and tailor your entry to match both.

Make more than one entry:

Yes, but the APEA reserves the right to exclude an entry from more than one category if the entry form submitted is exactly the same across both categories.

For example: if you are entering your new product in both the Health & Safety and the Innovation award categories, make sure that you tailor the submissions for each category differently and name your submissions differently. Go ahead and highlight the H&S benefits in the H&S submission, and highlight the other innovations in your innovations submission.

Obviously, if you have more than one new product or service to enter for the awards - go ahead and submit both entries - we welcome as many submissions as possible, even from the same company in the same category.

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